• Fitball / Yogaball everything you need to know about it

    Fitball / Yogaball everything you need to know about it
    A Fitball ball, yoga ball, or Pilate's ball is used for Pilates, yoga, physiotherapy, posture, and balance training. Awareness of core muscle strengthening has grown in recent years and all sports are practicing with Fitball to get stronger, Stability, and be more flexible.
  • Benefits of exercise

    Benefits of exercise
    Exercise is known for its health benefits. Exercise appropriate to the health condition, with moderate and balanced effort during the week has a positive effect on a variety of health aspects:            Let's dive into the benefits of fitness - Feeling good - Exercise makes us feel good and secretes positive endorphins and hormones from the brain. - Strengthening the...
  • Benefits of exercise and home gym

    Benefits of exercise and home gym
    A combination of exercise and proper nutrition are two factors that have been found to have a positive impact on a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all ages. Exercise has many benefits for body health and quality of life. Such as improving cardio-pulmonary system function, health function, cognitive function, strength and balance, and reducing the risk of diabetes, falls, and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, exercise...
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