Nutritious nutrition: 10 critical rules

10 critical rules you must know in order to successfully maintain a nutritious diet! From breakfast to using salt

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10 critical rules for a nutritious diet

To maintain a proper and nutritious diet, we must find a routine that we can stick to. But beyond that, there are a number of main rules on which we must base ourselves. We have compiled for you 10 critical rules for proper nutrition.

1. Organized meals: disorder destroys the process for us
It is important to observe regular meals and regular hours - it is recommended to eat 3 main meals a day, with 2 more small snacks, and not to snack between meals.

2. Breakfast: give it up?
The most important meal of the day, it breaks the "fast" of the night, charges us with good energy and strengthens us for the day and even leads to a better metabolism and physical activity. It is recommended to eat breakfast within two hours of getting up.

3. Water: a necessary role for his body!
It is of utmost importance to balance the fluids in our body and maintain proper functioning - contributes to alertness, contributes to the feeling of satiety, prevents diseases and even protects the skin. It is recommended to avoid drinking sugary drinks which contribute empty calories and increase the sugar levels in the body. The recommended amount is between 1.8-2.0 liters per day on average (between 8-10 glasses of water).

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4. Eating in a varied way: experience the benefits of all nutrients
It is advisable to combine vegetables, fruits, legumes, vegetable oils, complex carbohydrates, and complete protein during the day.

5. When you eat then eat: concentration!
It is important to concentrate during the meal on the food itself, to eat in the place designated for it and without distractions or in a hurry.

6. Vegetables of many colors: essential for the human body
Vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the body's activity and are very important to it.

7. Reducing the use of salt: does sodium harm us?
Increased consumption of salty foods increases the risk of getting high blood pressure and processed foods and products containing nitrites may increase the chance of getting cancer... so don't overdo it.

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8. Avoid industrialized and processed food: does junk encourage disease?
The pre-prepared products mostly contain preservatives, food colorings, simple oil that has been fried many times and other substances that increase the chances of getting diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

9. Minimize drinking during the meal: digestive process
Drinking during a meal interferes with the digestion process and also gives a false sense of satiety.

10. Physical activity: more important than you think
It is recommended to perform physical activity every day in order to help the body in the metabolic process, in raising HDL levels, and at night even to prepare the body for sleep.

It is not mandatory to follow each and every one of the above rules, but the more we follow them - the more we will manage to lead a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. Of course, balance is the basis of everything!

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