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Physical activity has many benefits, physical activity is the most effective medicine for improving the quality of life at any age and in any physical condition, physical activity helps in maintaining a healthy weight, it contributes to burning calories, and allows maintaining the muscle mass in our body. We don't really need to tell you the benefits of regular fitness training... If you didn't understand the importance of sports activity for your health, you simply wouldn't be reading this article. In light of the basic understanding of the many benefits of vigorous physical training, the phenomenon of gyms has become a global trend - in all cities, on every street, well-designed, luxurious, and... outrageously expensive gyms have opened.

Although these are "luxury" products, the good news is that even those who do not have enough money to spend on a luxury subscription will be able to exercise, and even in an equally good way. True, there are some devices that are desirable to purchase, but assuming that these devices are used by all members of the household, the cost of a home gym is like a subscription per person, for one year only. A home gym has many advantages compared to public gyms. The individual gyms allow the exercisers a comfortable workout, to the sounds of their favorite music at a volume that suits them, in their regular series and in the most comfortable clothing for them without the need to impress or beautify. In addition, gymnasts in the home gym report much better results than those who could achieve them in the public gyms. Training in a home gym is not wasted on idle conversations with friends at the gym, without the need for a tiring procedure in preparing a bag, without the need for wasted time on transportation to the gym. The entire fitness training time at home is dedicated to net training!

True, training in a home gym is not suitable for everyone and people who do not have enough self-discipline may turn home gym equipment into an elaborate (and expensive) laundry rack for clothes, but those undisciplined people are also the ones who will make their membership card at the gym but forget the card in their wallet. When the fitness equipment is in your home, you cannot turn a blind eye to their wasted presence, and thus the motivation to persist in the fitness training increases.
So, as we have already said... The advantages of setting up a gym at home are:

  •  Real-time savings - the time arriving at and leaving the gym can be spent entirely on training.
  •  The gym is open 24 hours a day, all year round, excluding Saturdays and holidays.
  •  Huge financial savings: once you've bought quality fitness equipment, you're set: no more contracts or monthly payments.
  •  The weather is always perfect: rain, rain, etc. are not a reason to postpone training, adjust the home gym according to your requirements
  •  There is no need to bring a babysitter for the children... you can practice when they are already in bed or busy with their activities.
  • There is no need to dress up: you can throw on an old shirt and start working out.
  •  The home gym serves all members of the household and thus constitutes a saving in the purchase of horribly expensive family subscriptions.
  • The entertainment program is at your request: whether you prefer to listen to music or watch a favorite program, all at your discretion without the need to consider your training partner.

And we established Achievefitnessnow specifically for this purpose, to allow access to all fitness equipment and related equipment for a home gym.
My name is Tal, in preparation for military service and during it I realized that training outside the gym has many advantages, so during the Corona period we set up the store to maintain motivation and access to fitness equipment...
You are invited to visit our website for Fitness Equipment and be impressed by what we have done. Hope the article contributed to you, we will be happy for your comments, thank you
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