For women only! The most hidden secrets for fat loss and a particularly toned body!

When summer is here, with it comes the pressure to lose fat - and fast!
When that moment comes to go from a toned body to a super toned body - one where the lines in the stomach start to get toned, there are a few small things that will make the difference for you between normal results and amazing results!
Instead of a two-week fad diet, skipping meals, and crazy workouts, this is exactly the moment to make smart decisions so that this time this toning stays forever!
We have compiled for you our best tips in order to maximize your fat burning and reach the beach in the hottest bikini there is!
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1. Water, water, and more water!

Get exciting news! Water helps to reduce fat percentage!!!

In order to achieve maximum toning, you must drink more water - at least 3-4 liters a day.

The water cleans the body's systems and contributes a lot to a higher metabolism. In addition, water will make you eat less and help you maintain proper nutrition throughout the day!

2. Finish each workout when you gave it your all!

If your toning is really a priority, it's time to give your workouts a push! You must add high intensity to every workout, whether it's a short workout or at the end of a long workout.

When you do a high-intensity workout, even for a few minutes, the body reacts completely differently than a low-intensity workout. The caloric burn is increased and you continue to burn much more even after the workout.

Put your goal in front of your eyes in every workout, give it your all, and throw all your excuses out the window!

3. Less cardio, more strength, and intervals!

Did we surprise you?? But it's true! We always thought that long aerobic training was the answer to fat loss. But we are sorry to disappoint you - you must get stronger, lift weights and combine interval training!

In strength training, you will increase muscle mass, which will eventually cause a higher caloric burn in everything you do - because a larger muscle consumes more energy and therefore burns more... you have nothing to worry about - you will not get bloated, because at the same time you must combine training HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that will make you really burn!

Interval training, i.e. short training sessions when the heart rate alternately rises and falls.

4. Nutrition! Dietary fiber first of all...

Are you confused by all the diets on the market today? Don't know where to start?

Take a breath and remember two simple words: dietary fiber.

When you eat natural food that is not processed or that comes in a box, you have already taken a huge step on the way to toning.

Add vegetables and complex carbohydrates to every meal! You need it in order to have energy for the intense training you do and thus you also increase your metabolism and can feel fuller for a long time.

Our recommendation for foods with dietary fiber:

Green vegetables, various leaves, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, whole rice and beans.

5. Increase protein intake

Fast, healthy, and effective long-term toning then requires eating more protein during the day. There is no room for dispute here - it is proven!

With the help of the protein, you can maintain muscle mass even when you decrease the fat percentage.

When you prepare a plate of food, put the dietary fiber and protein first and only then add unsaturated fat and carbohydrates, preferably complex carbohydrates.

You should target your daily protein intake to 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.
Our recommendation for clean and lean protein: chicken breast, eggs and fish.
6. Supplement your diet with healthy fats

Fat will not make you fat!!! Sugar and simple carbohydrates - yes!
There is such an opinion that fat will cause you to increase in fat percentage, but this is really not the case. Even on the contrary - there are fats that are necessary for the body, fats that will even help you reduce your fat percentage even more.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats are necessary for the proper functioning of many systems in the body. It is therefore forbidden to exclude these fats from the menu.

Our recommendation for fats with a good source of omega 3 and 6: fish, olive oil, chia, walnuts, flax seeds, and green vegetables.

7. Start taking care of your sleep!

Your toning does not start and end only with diet or training... in order to maximize the effectiveness of training you must make sure you get eight hours of sleep at night. Studies show a link between lack of sleep or sleeping only during the day and weight gain.

In situations of lack of sleep, the body reacts as if it is in a state of stress and does not allow itself to function optimally. In addition, lack of sleep is followed by an increased appetite, and an urge for unwanted snacks.
Make sure you get good, full hours of sleep without distractions.
8. Extremism - not in this house!

It's okay if there are less good days, or ones without motivation. It happens to the best. Don't be hard on yourself.

"It's all or nothing" won't work in this case.

What is important is to maintain a mindset of fitness and nutrition. On less good days, go for a run or do a low number of sets of your favorite exercise. It keeps the frame and will give you back your motivation.

Self-images of the process itself can help you in the process.

Take a picture of yourself every two weeks and prove to yourself that hard work pays off!

When you see the results with your eyes you won't be able to stop!

Of course, set new goals each time and concentrate all efforts to achieve and conquer them. The goals should be measurable and realistic - use your fitness trainer to get the best guidance.

Achieve Fitness Now

At the end of the day, it's a matter of priorities. How much you really want it... but it's the little things that make a big difference, certainly in the most precise toning stages.

At achievefitnessnow we have collected the most recommended fitness equipment and related equipment to achieve the fitness goals of each of us, you are invited to check and enjoy the hard work we have done for the benefit of all of us.
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