Fly on yourself in practice: Yoga hammocks

Hanging on a hammock with your head down and still enjoying it? You are probably practicing yoga hammocks. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Yoga

The yoga we all know right? But what about aerial yoga?
One of the popular trends in recent years in the field of yoga is hammock yoga, also known as aerial yoga. It may be that one of us who hears the phrase "Yoga hammocks" for the first time, will imagine himself in a position of pleasant, carefree idleness on a hammock, with his eyes closed, but we will reveal to you that the truth is far from it.

Practicing yoga hammocks incorporates client techniques from the circus world and requires exceptional acrobatic and virtuoso abilities. But do not worry - you do not really need flexibility and tight abdominal muscles to practice, and the activity is suitable (almost) for everyone.

Yoga Hammocks: What Is This Method?

Yoga hammocks are actually another yoga method in which you practice the familiar poses, only this time the body weight is supported by a soft hammock dangling from the ceiling. The hammock lowers pressure from certain areas of the body like the head and shoulders and allows us to improve flexibility and range of motion, and more easily reach challenging poses like head standing.

Know that although advanced hammock yoga practitioners like to be photographed in impossible poses, many aerial yoga poses involve two feet (or at least one foot) on the ground.

And yes, if you connect more to the part of relaxation in the hammock, you will be happy to find that in yoga hammocks, similar to "regular" yoga, at the end of each practice - relaxation comes. This is done lying in a hammock, with eyes closed, while moving pleasantly, and is an appropriate reward for the effort invested in the practice.

What are the benefits of yoga hammocks?

Well, besides being fun, hammock yoga has many other benefits:

  • Improving flexibility and strengthening muscles - As mentioned, the support of the hammock allows you to go "deeper" into the stretches and postures, increase the range of motion and affect the flexibility of the body.


  • Improving blood circulation - Similar to traditional yoga, due to the nature of the poses and the combination of breathing "into the movement", hammock yoga contributes to improving blood flow to all organs of the body and improving motility in the digestive system.


  • Strengthening the core muscles and toning - Since yoga hammocks are supported by a hammock, an accessory that is constantly in motion, constant work of the abdominal muscles is required in order to maintain stability and balance. This work contributes to strengthening the core muscles. In addition, in a yoga class hammocks usually burn more calories compared to a regular yoga class.


  • Reducing stress from the back and neck area - This is a particularly important benefit for those who spend most of their day sitting in the chair next to the computer, a position that increases the pressure on the spine and neck. The hammock support allows you to release pressure from the back and neck, apply less pressure to the joints and lengthen the spine.


  • Improving confidence - The support of the hammock makes complex and advanced yoga movements more accessible for beginner practitioners. It contributes to strengthening self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment, which helps maintain motivation and persevere in practice.


  • Relaxation and concentration - Practicing yoga of any kind contributes significantly to stress relief, but hammock yoga is especially effective in this regard. The inverted postures help to improve blood flow to the head and in general to improve concentration and energy level. When you add relaxation to it at the end of the lesson, you get a safe recipe for relaxation.

Yoga Hammocks: Who Is It Not Suitable For?

Basically, yoga hammocks are suitable for almost everyone, even for beginner and inexperienced practitioners. However, it is less suitable for pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure (high or low) problems, neurological problems, and glaucoma.
Not sure if you are fit for yoga hammocks Consult a qualified person.

Tips for beginners:


  • Take your time - Yoga hammocks can be very fun, but at the same time it can be challenging and sometimes cause discomfort, especially when the body is in postures that it is not used to. So, start slowly, at your own pace, do not try to compete with others and let the body get used to the new situation. You will see for yourself that from lesson to lesson, your body will feel more comfortable.


  • Trust the hammock - Many practitioners are initially afraid to put all their weight on the hammock, fearing it will collapse. But you should take into account that the hangers and hammocks are built to hold very heavy weights so you can stop worrying and start releasing, of course install the hammocks by a professional.


  • Dress appropriately - in order for you to feel comfortable, you should arrive in appropriate attire. The sleeve from India that you use in your regular yoga practice, may be less suitable in a hammock yoga class, and in general it is recommended to arrive in tight (but comfortable) clothing and one that will not expose the whole body when turning over. If you have sensitive skin, you should come in a shirt and not a tank top, as sometimes the hangers can cause rubbing. It is better to take off jewelry and watches as well


  • Do not weigh your stomach before practicing - this is a good tip before any yoga practice, and especially before practicing yoga hammocks in which you become part of the class. It is advisable to avoid eating a large heavy meal about an hour before class. You can eat a nutritious snack, like a banana.


  • Do not be afraid to talk to the instructor or any other qualified person - In any practice, as well as in yoga hammocks, it is important to keep a channel of communication open with the instructor and share if you feel uncomfortable in certain poses. Sometimes the guide will be able to help you pinpoint the poses, and sometimes he will offer you an equally alternative and effective pose. Exactly for that, he is there.

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