Fitball / Yogaball everything you need to know about it

The Fitball is a unique and versatile sports accessory due to its structure, shape, size and the material from which it is made. No wonder it occupied a central and important place in the comfort of every gym and studio.

For those who are not yet updated, Fitball is a huge rubber ball, a kind of large balloon made of rubber, which comes in different shades and sizes.

Today, Fitball can be seen used everywhere, in gyms, at home, in the studio and in the open, and that's a good thing.

The round structure gives it (like most balls) an impressive rotational ability and thus enriches the variety of many exercises that can be performed with its help. Also, its structure can increase range of motion in various exercises, such as squats - you can go down lower than on a mattress and make your back harder.

In short, it is a wonderful fitness accessory and work surface, easy to carry, available and cheap with many benefits in various fields:

What is a yoga ball good for?

- Support and resistance

Rotating the ball in different guides serves as an addition to resistance in exercises and can also be used as a supportive accessory for various body parts. As such, its salient advantage is the great flexibility that support provides in our sockets and body curves - not getting adequate support (if any) from other support accessories such as a mattress, bench or seat.

The support of the ball allows the body to be in the ideal position for it. For example: in the back of the waist (lower back) there is a curve called "lumbar lordosis". This area does not receive adequate support from other support aids in specific exercises. The pitball, inflated and wrapped in flexible rubber, can change its shape and fit the various body curves perfectly.

- Flexibility
When working with the ball you can lengthen the muscles and develop the flexibility of the joints. For example: lying on the ball on the back or abdomen, with the palms supported on the floor, the torso muscles can be lengthened.

- Equilibrium
This is an important component of fitness that does not get enough attention from many trainees - and it's a shame. Due to its great flexibility, size, and shape, the Fitball is an excellent surface for working on balance, as the exercises performed with its help contribute to significant activation of the stabilizing muscles, which are responsible for balancing the body in space, movement situations and various guides.

Why is it important?
If we do not pay specific attention and work to it, over the years our balance may be disturbed. So, if your stabilizing muscles are weak, short or untrained - various posture problems may develop.

- Stable
Posture is the sum of the relationships between the different parts of the body and the way they are organized in relation to each other - and in relation to the line of gravity. Simply put: what our body looks like and what condition it is in when we stand, sit and kneel.

Various exercises performed with the Fitball can help improve typical posture problems, such as Hyperlordosis, which manifests itself in over-curvature in the lower back, over-rotation of the pelvis and over-erection of the chest), or loose standing, characterized by drooping shoulders, and enlargement of the thoracic cavity (kyphosis, Kyphosis).

- Exercise for pregnant women
The fact that the Fitball is a soft surface that functions as an effective shock absorber and prevents loads and pressure on the body and its joints, makes it an excellent accessory in gymnastics for pregnant women.

- Proper seating
The Fitball ball can also be used as an effective and healthy replacement for the standard chair. It's no secret that most of us sit wrong. We tend to sink deep into the chair thus increasing the pressure on the lower back which can lead to back pain.

Sitting on a Fitball ball, in the correct position, while keeping the body upright, is a simple operation with no effort and no sweat, but unlike sitting on a chair, we are simply forced to sit correctly. For those who do not like to "waste time" - you can practice sitting on the ball in front of the TV or computer ...

How do you know which Fitball ball you need?
The Fitball comes in different sizes and colors. Adjust the size of the ball to your size.
Ball 55 cm - up to a height of 160 cm.

Ball 65 cm - from a height of 160 cm to 180 cm.

Ball 75 cm - from a height of 175 cm to 190 cm.

Ball 85 cm - above a height of 190 cm.

I hope you have received all the information you need to use your fitness ball
And if you still do not have one, Check out your yoga ball here

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