Benefits of exercise

Exercise is known for its health benefits. Exercise appropriate to the health condition, with moderate and balanced effort during the week has a positive effect on a variety of health aspects:

           Let's dive into the benefits of fitness

- Feeling good - Exercise makes us feel good and secretes positive endorphins and hormones from the brain.
- Strengthening the body - Exercise strengthens our body because the important muscles like the abdomen, pelvis, and back and thus our body is less painful in daily life.

- Bone density - the activity tightens the bone mass and thus strengthens all the bones and joints in our body and thus making us stronger and less sensitive to pain in our body bones.

- Improving physical fitness - the activity helps us to improve the endurance of the heart and better breathing by increasing the volume of the heart muscle and the blood flow to the tissues is greater.

- Intestinal activity - Exercise increases the activity of the intestines and thus helps us to defecate in time and empty the stomach.

- Lightness in daily life - The movements we do in activities with weights or resistance bands help us to make movements in daily life more easily, such as: lifting weights, chores, washing the house, defecating, and more

- Feeling satisfied - After exercise, positive hormones are secreted from the brain and we feel satisfaction and a feeling that we have done something effective and positive.

- Metabolism and fast digestion - During the period in which we exercise, our metabolism increases and thus burns many more calories in addition to intestinal activity when food is digested better.

- Positive is replaced by positive - During exercise especially anaerobic (weights and rubber bands, etc.) we increase the positive pool (muscle) and lower the negative pool (fat) so that a higher ratio of fat muscle is created.

- Social life and new acquaintances - wherever we do physical activity: in the gym in the park at sea or in private training, we have the feeling that we have a place where friends are familiar to us, similar to going out for fun and new acquaintances.


A combination of exercise and proper nutrition are two factors that have been found to have a positive impact on a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all ages. Exercise has many benefits for body health and quality of life. Such as improving cardio-pulmonary system function, health function, cognitive function, strength and balance and reducing the risk of diabetes, falls, and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, exercise has been found to improve mood and reduce stress, depression, anxiety, thus improving overall health and quality of life.
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