12 Benefits of Fitness

Physical fitness is good for the body and mind, a combination of exercise and proper nutrition are two factors that have been found to have a positive impact on a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all ages. Exercise has many benefits on body health and quality of life.

Here are the 12 benefits of exercising

1. Physical fitness strengthens the brain

Physical fitness strengthens not only the body but also the brain. Exercise raises energy levels and increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which leads to a higher ability to concentrate and reduces the chances of developing anxiety and depression. Improving physical and mental energy levels makes us more productive at work, in personal, social and even marital life.

2. Exercise reduces stress

Exercise of any kind produces a response of relaxation and positive distraction. It elevates mood, reduces stress and prevents fickle moods. A calm person is more successful in his work environment and private life. This mental effect is also related to endorphins secreted by the brain during exercise.

3. Fitness gives you wings

Well not really wings, but if you want more energy - do sports! You will be amazed at how much walking in the park or a light workout in the morning for about half an hour can change the whole course of your day. When endorphins and adrenaline are secreted into your bloodstream during your workout, you will feel vital and full of energy throughout the day. Even if you feel a little tired at the beginning of the workout, with the acceleration of your heart rate and blood circulation, the feeling will change and you will feel more energetic than ever.

4. Exercise helps to overcome addictions

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Starting with food, nicotine, drugs and everything in between. Physical training, especially long-distance running, regular and regular training releases effective chemicals against addiction.

5. Exercise does well to the relationship

Like anything in life, even in fitness, it is always better together than alone. Co-coaching can do a lot of good for any relationship with spouses, family, friends and even co-workers. Not only will you have another common theme for the conversation, you will also be able to share and help each other and set goals together.

6. Exercise prevents diseases

Studies have shown that exercise may slow or prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, calcium leakage and loss of muscle mass. In addition, exercise strengthens the immune system and slows down the aging process.

7. Good fitness for the heart

Exercise not only helps prevent disease, it also strengthens the heart muscle, the most important muscle in the body. People who exercise have a stronger heart and a healthier vascular system. As a result, you feel less tired and any other activity becomes easier.

8. Exercise allows you to eat more

People who exercise can afford to enjoy more food and even one that is considered downright non-dietary. This is because exercise allows the body to burn calories more efficiently and also at rest.

9. Good exercise for sex

Not only will you look better and feel more attractive and sexier than ever, studies have shown a direct link between fitness and the quality of sex life of people who exercise.

10. Weight loss is not the most important goal

Weight loss is usually the reason why people start exercising, but this is not the only benefit of fitness. Do not put the weight issue at the top of your priorities when you decide to start exercising, because many develop views that are too high and break down pretty quickly when the results are late in coming. The most important thing to know when you start exercising is simply how well you do to your body, mind and level of daily functioning. If you persevere and incorporate proper nutrition, the results will not be long in coming.

11. Exercise keeps you motivated

Want to be successful in all areas? Creating good habits and getting results, can motivate you in other areas of your life. When you feel good and full of self-confidence, you may feel more motivated than ever and yet, the desire to do new and challenging things will arise and intensify in you.

12. Exercise helps you fall asleep

Exercise is a great solution for those suffering from sleep problems. To fall asleep quickly you simply need to do more exercise, when you are in a state of movement and strenuous exercise, you may sleep better and stronger, and even fall asleep faster.


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